M&B counts on more than 15 years of experience in the sector. Our activity focuses on the outsourcing of sales forces in the pharmaceutical industry, veterinary industry and related sectors.

High specialization of service

Extensive experience of the sales team and management

Ongoing training of the network

Effectiveness of the sales force as an essential principle

The management team of M&B, is composed of professionals of recognized prestige and proven experience in managerial positions and responsibility at pharmaceutical laboratories of the first rate.

The model of outsourcing of sales teams in the pharmaceutical industry has evolved towards a new concept, which we call insourcing, and which allows laboratories to:

  • Count on a long-term business partner.
  • Commit to the company’s strategic and business objectives.
  • Identify with the values of the client.
  • Be flexible and adaptable according to the needs of promotional activity.

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With the aim of reaching the highest levels of quality in the service, M&B puts at the disposal of the client, an organizational model of high specialization in the different legal, economic, technical and scientific aspects inherent to the project. This infrastructure allows the guaranteeing of the correct implementation of projects and provide the support necessary for the fulfillment of the proposed objectives.

Product sales in a given year are made up of the sales generated by the promotional activity carried out that year plus the residual sales of the promotional efforts of previous years, which, through brand recall, influence its development.

At the moment when the promotional activity is discontinued, the product evolves based on its carry over, which is the trend that the product has with no promotional activity, and that will vary depending on the erosion caused by competitive pressure, brand recall, the market, etc.

Lack of promotional infrastructure at the launch, which implies that it is impossible to reach the maximum potential of the product.

New releases or restructuring throughout the stages of growth or maturity, which require reducing promotional resources available to the product.

Neglect of advertising once generics have entered the market (decline), irrespective of the erosion they cause or the billing of the product in question.


M&B proposes a new model in commercial management, supported by high specialization teams and the effectiveness of the sales force as the basic pillars for reaching the highest levels of quality of service.


Orientation to results
Professional team


Among the maxims of M&B is the constant search for added value for our customers. We strive to offer the best service and enrich our commercial actions through in-depth knowledge of the sector, the experience of our consultants and the latest technological innovation.


At M&B, we place the client at the center of the business strategy, assuming their objectives as our own. That constant search for excellence has become a guarantee of quality in the development of our daily activity.


At M&B we design strategies aimed at achieving the best results. Our results have allowed us to position ourselves as a point of reference in the sector.


At M&B we promote long-term business relationships. The trust generated in our customers and the successes of our commercial teams are our greatest guarantee. All this backed by solid corporate values (transparency, innovation, flexibility, drive, social responsibility, business ethics, etc.) that make M&B the best choice to outsource your sales networks.


Our mission is to attract, recruit and select talent with growth potential to assume strategic positions in the short and medium term within the pharmaceutical industry and/or the company and deliver differentiated results to the client, through innovative solutions that meet their needs, always keeping ethics as the basis of our actions.
The entire organization is oriented towards the achievement of results: from the sales team to the staff of the central offices.


Being the best sales force services company specialized in pharmaceutical and veterinary industry, recognized in the market for its commitment, excellence and business innovation. All this is achieved by giving our customers added value through the respect and recognition of our internal and external collaborators.


As a service company specializing in health, all those working in M&B must understand that in addition to developing our professional activity in the best possible way, we are the everyday face our customers to highly qualified health professionals who are worried about their patients, promoting products for the most important facet of life: the health of the people.
For this reason, all our actions have an impact on all the actors involved in the sector, and therefore we must act with the highest levels of involvement and dedication, paying special attention to:

  • Client orientation, supporting the company that hires our services and the people who work there, seeking the highest levels of service through transparency, flexibility, reliability and precision.
  • Orientation to results through the excellence in the work we do, providing our experience and basing our day-to-day on specialization, rigor, dynamism and innovation.

Likewise, we must guarantee compliance with all legal and ethical aspects in the interaction with healthcare professionals, paying special attention to the legislation included in the Code of Good Practices, to the procedures established in such critical areas as pharmacovigilance and internal regulations that each client indicates to us. We do this always basing our activity on providing our partners with scientific and truthful information with the aim of contributing to the improvement of people’s health and, therefore, to the lives of patients who use our client’s products.


M&B manages its activities under the premise of commitment to the development of today’s society. Our commercial operations, relationships with business groups, clients, suppliers, workers, etc. are made from a responsible approach, guided by a solid business ethic that allows us to contribute value to society.

As a Socially Responsible Company, M&B establishes ethics, morals, respect for the environment and concern for social development linked to health as the main standards in its organizational culture.

The company’s intense work to implement a responsible corporate culture is effective in the development of our daily activity, emcompassing different areas:

Team work

Starting at M&B we encourage teamwork, equity and work ethic. M&B organizes cycle meetings in which we work to generate an environment of trust and teamwork, enhancing the personal and group skills of the sales network.

Protecting the environment

At M&B we continuously review our management systems in order to reduce energy consumption and the resources used.

R&D in the field of health

M&B allocates 3% of its annual net profits to research and development projects directly linked to the health field.

Information of value for society

M&B periodically conducts studies and reports addressing different areas of general interest within the sectors it has worked in.

At M&B we always choose the best travel companions. Our partners provide us with the support and added value to guarantee higher levels of quality in our services.

Currently, M&B works with different providers of technological services and training that support our daily activity.

The fluid relationship we maintain with our partners contributes to our leadership in the market, facilitating the company’s adaptation to change and constant innovation.

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